August 16, 2011

Peter Hujar - David Wojnarowicz masturbating

Peter Hujar is a well-known photograph that now everybody seems to know since one of his pictures, "Candy Darling on Her Deathbed", was used by Antony and the Johnsons as a cover for their I Am a Bird Now LP. But his work is rich and various. He died in 1987 at 53 (my age next month, maybe I should prepare my funeral who knows), and the model of this splendid series, David Wojnarowicz, another famous and "scandalous" artist, died 5 years later at 38 (he was 27 on this series). Both were lovers and both died of Aids (although I have no idea whether there is a cause to effect relation). It is not enough claimed that this curse literally bleed the art of the XXth century. Since it concerned most of times gays, it seems society has not been very affected and never considered this disease as such a terrible drama for modern art. Largely, it shows that masturbation can be shown with sensuality even in men.

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  1. Hello,
    What a wonderful post! Very interesting and insightful. However, I believe that the model in this series is Bruce de Saint Croix. Hujar shot the series for an erotic art exhibition in 1976. What a an amazing artist! Wonderful to see your blog.