August 10, 2011

Sergey Spiric - Tu 154

Here we are again in an ex-USSR country, Russia this time, with another photographer mixing alimentary, fashionary and experimentally projects as it seems a mandatory alchemy to live of photographic activity. Of course, it's the last aspect of his work that I'm interested in. And more specifically this body sizes confrontation (one picture from this series was in my Body sizes post here but I forgot to cite him so I correct my mistake today). It's always fascinating for a male scoptophilian interested in body shapes to see how woman bodies can be so various and still remain attractive. Here are two apparently abnormal bodies (judging by their supposed BMI) and however, something in us says that this abnormality is not abnormal but only the necessary Darwinian distribution of anthropometric characteristics allowing humanity to persist so strongly on earth. But this is not the point. The point is that these pictures are great to look at. Of course he's very influenced by Jan Saudek (and announces it in his deviantArt portrait) but it's far from being plagiarism as it is too often the case. More simplicity and empathy with his models. Spiric deviantArt gallery here and site there. PS. I ignore the meaning of the title. PPS. Click on pix to see them full body size.


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