August 9, 2011

Tutencha Moon - Eisenberger's masks

At last, someone who is a little bit crazy, nicely mad, not stuck in straight concepts and sinister imagery, but who is all the more iconoclast and subversive. His name seems to be Tutencha Moon, he's from Austria, the country that provides the more abrasive creators for the last half century (from Thomas Bernhard to Undertwasser, Elfriede Jelinek or Michael Haneke), for reasons too long to explain here. You must go to see his deviantArt gallery here (didn't find any site). He does so different styles that it's not easy to provide a homogeneous series but this one, that I called the Eisenberger's masks cos' all the models wear this mask that he calls the Eisenberger's mask by reference to the one created by the artist Christian Eisenberger (see here), allow to make rather consistent post. Tonight it's exactly the kind of artistic approach I want to promote. It's full of life. Raw and ambiguous, vulgar, even unsane, it's our existence. And the titles under each picture, I love that they all begin by "I love". And of course I'd love you'd click on them to see them full size.

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