February 11, 2013

Various - The pope's going

Updated post about the pope, celebrating he quits. Not that he was worse than the previous ones, but it's always nice to play with sacrality. Here below the text of the previous post.

It seems that there's a competition between the indignados and the pope for the Puerto Del Sol place. Cos' the pope will come in Madrid in the further days and the place must be washed out. No more of these impious crowds shouting for more democracy (what's this strange concept when submission to God is the only way for salvation), more equality, more social concern. Benedetto the 16th (after all, it's an Italian specialty, so let's call him his local name) is only the new avatar of a long succession of church's bosses that deserve to be mocked and criticized, and this is a sample of illustrations to welcome him nicely. Finally, my fave one is the last. Not very conceptual and artistic, but direct, simple, efficient, and scoptophilianically the best. If someone knows this girl, give her a cheers from me.


  1. I think its very powerful to play with religious norms. It's nice to see artists take chances and push boundaries.

  2. Yes but I'd like to see other religions being also the targets of this blasphemy's art. Unfortunately, we all are (and artists are) cowards when it's islam or judaism.