August 25, 2011

Viesturs Links - Various

Many photographs I post on this blog have actually a large production of pictures, covering various styles, sometimes alimentary work (weddings notably) but also private pictures, nudes, landscapes, still life... Usually, I post the pictures I love or at least the ones that tell me something. Rare are those who succeed in offering something singular and interesting whatever the style they approach. This is the case of this man from Latvia, working under the name of Viesturs Links, and whose production is no less than almost exhaustively interesting, although he covers a lot of them too. Here I selected soe pix of his Jan Saudek-influence production (with something of Thomas Buchta) but I'll post more from him cos' I can't omit his children portraits, his exterior nudes or his photomanipulations about faces at different ages. If you can't wait to see them, you can visit a gallery here and his deviantArt there. It is to notice that he is the model on the first and the 3 last pictures. Quite a man actually no? I would adore seeing him play in films.

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