September 29, 2011

Viesturs Links - Children

I said all the nice things I thought about Viesturs Links in previous posts (here). Here is his talent to offer us children portraits who give a little hope in future times.

September 28, 2011

Various - Scars

To cut this skin wrapping and see how it goes. These scars as crosses on the wall of a prison cell. Scars as vestiges of the violence we had to suffer. Scars as the marks of our near endings

September 27, 2011

Antoine d'Agata - Lonely Bodies

Another series by this incredibly great French photograph, Antoine d'Agata (most pictures of this series are self-portraits). I feel these pictures so deeply in my mind tonight, it's like if it was the reconstruction of my anguish, anger, disgust and torment. Art can talk terribly more to the soul than any human living in our environment. A site for Antoine d'Agata here. PS. The tilte is mine.

Various - B/Sad day

It happens sometimes. Personally, quite often. It's the case these days. Some pix to illustrate. No motivation to post anything else.

September 24, 2011

Anton Solomoukha - Sexe Des Anges Et Querelles Byzantines

Born in Ukrainia in 1945, Anton Solomoukha lives in France since 1978 and is a famous photographer. He's done a lot of series, all with something of photopainting in it, meaning that classic painting in strongly involved in his pictures. Here, one of the most pornographic, not because we can see sexes penetrating each others, but because the situations are those of pornography and prostitution. Sad I couldn't find better definition images. More on him here.

Elinor Carucci - My children

All parents take pictures of their children. And every child is photogenic. But strangely, very few are the pictures reaching any artistic level and offering more than the anecdotical value of the domestic cliche. So, when a photographer succeeds in reaching such a level, it's the sign it's a great artist. We can name Sally Mann of course, and some others I posted on this blog (Anastasia Chernyavsky, Jesse Burke, Betsy Schneider, Jessica Devic, Sundew, Gary Isaacs, see on the side to click on the link). Most of them are women. Not a coincidence I think but here is not the place to analyse why. Here's another one, Elinor Carucci, an American who makes of some very average, natural and intimate scenes some moving images. The truth of the flesh is potently reproduced. She deserves to be admired. Here her site. There's much more to see than on the series I post although they are my faves, those with her children.

September 22, 2011

Various - Male desire (2)

This damned male desire, raising from the deepest part of self and overflooding everything, leaving us like fascinated predators. Some pictures illustrating it, gathered here and there on tumblr blogs.

September 20, 2011

Sarah Small - Photography

Born in 1979 in Washington DC, Sarah Small is a great photograph, one of the rares to instillate in her picture an exhilarating imagery of human life, crude with the effects of wounds or age, funny in its scenography, and a counterpoison to one natural tendancy toward despair and dereliction. She captures some attitudes, looks and smiles that I doubted could be catched by the eye of a camera. Go here to see more since I only selected my faves, but you may appreciate some others more than these. She also do living tableaux during which she took some of these pictures and you can see the videos on her site too. One more artist to add to our pantheon. Sarah's maybe small in name, but tall in talent.