September 4, 2011

Leszek Bujnowski - Various

Yes, once again a photograph from Poland (born in 1977). I will soon think this is THE country for photography. At least the style I appreciate cos' I see a load of pictures from all over the world and although I admit the intrinsic value of many of them, they do not correspond to my sensitive palette. Leszek Bujnowski does a great work in providing a visual world that throws the viewer in a strange feeling of philosophical no-land and innervision state. It's like suddenly metaphysics was no more an abstract word but had a visual reality. This elephant having to make a step to a too far wooden stake is a wonderful metaphore of our lives and the anguish it raises in some of us. But all his pictures posted here give us some reason to meditate about the pathetics of our existence. A gallery here.

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