September 10, 2011

Various - Woman & child weirdies

In this series of 5 pictures, found here and there (actually I forgot where), the weird association between a femal body (or a part) in a rather sexually explicit imagery, and a child (or children) who seems rather unaware of the weirdness of the situation. The first one is a little bit different but I though it fitted well with the other ones. In the last one, there is no child but it's a child's bedroom and the confrontation of this female body as a toy with a sextoy in her sex is quite strange. The one with the woman on a coach showing her sex and the little girl next to her is totally enigmatic and raises I admit a little malaise. I don't know if it's a good idea to post these pictures but I don't want to exert self-censorship and since I found them interesting and even for some, fascinating, I post them. There are other series I got is stock and that I hesitate to post but one day or another I'll do it.

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