September 2, 2011

Zensen - Some girls

I can't find anything about this Zensen. No deviantArt gallery to my knowledge, I found his/her pictures in the galleries of his/her models. One of them talks about the "beautiful zensen" but although I would imagine she talks about a lady, it can be a mister too. However, the models are from Poland it seems, so this photograph might be from the same country (one more). I had used one picture from this mysterious Zensen for a fake cover sleeve of an unreleased EP recorded by a US band called Liquor Tricks (here). This pix was from a series about a lesbian party quite alcoholized, but tonight I chose to post first a series about some girls that may be called bad girls (the reason I tagged this name for the series). Mixed feelings about them. Their freedom makes them quite attractive and provide a feeling of jubilation, but I know too much the devilish consequences of this lifestyle. The future is usually quite bleak. And there are some skin effractions there that seem to indicate that it's for true. But after all, the important is that the pictures are good. And they are.

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