October 22, 2011

Amelie Rose May d'Hennezel - Wallpaper Doll

I usually don't post collages but I find these ones particularily good and aesthetically successful. Not surprised that Amelie Rose May d'Hennezel (French, sometimes called Amelie de Paname, the model I think, and the artist too but, I didn't find any site of her except this myspace so I may be wrong) seems to be quite fond of Gustave Moreau. There's something of his preciosity in these images merging female faces or bodies with various materials. Maybe more decorative than really artistic but actually I don't care about these differences. I like it very very much. I chose here my faves but there are much more on her facebook page here and on her blog there.


  1. Thanx a lot
    @mélie Rose May d'Hennezel

  2. I put the blog link in the text
    Pursue the good work
    Thx for the comment

  3. http://ampdualcorps.blogspot.fr/p/amp-d-c-pix.html