October 9, 2011

Jessicka Viscera - Reality

Jessicka Viscera is a young photographer from New Zealand (as Raven Starblood) and she's also all black (reference to RWC) in her themas. Here is my fave series of her work, the only one which, to my eyes, reaches the level of interest I require to pictures for being posted here (reading this sentence, I feel it's a little pretentious but I don't know how to write it another way). I love the proximity, the face expressions and the texture of the picture. Her deviantArt gallery is under the name of mistress macabre, which is a fine name to me. Explore it here. Hope she'll go on and offer us more. PS. I forgot to repeat it these late times, but don't forget to click on pix to see them full size. Hope Blogger will put again it's slideshow by default that some stupid assholes have asked to remove for unknown reasons although they could remove this function only by clicking on a box. On the net, many act with the same retrograde mentality frightened by any novelty than they are in their real life. And most of them use blogger to make money and feel this gives us some superiority on real amateurs as us, when it's a prostituted way to use a blog. Go to hell.


  1. Hello.

    I just found your post and wanted to say thank you so much for this. It means a lot to me that my art has touched you.

    I'd love it if you added my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/JessickaViscera perhaps I could add you as a friend?


  2. Oh, it's incredible, I was posting another series from you and I went back to the previous post (to find the link to your deviantArt gallery), when I found your comment. Your way to approach photography touches me a lot actually. First because of its inner quality, second because of its filiation with painted self-portraits throughout history of art, and third because you know how to treat it without the usual self-indulgence. I'd add last because I share many of your own tourments, at least I believe I do although we are not from the same gender neither generation.
    I hope to contribute to make your work/art appreciated and considered by other all over the web planet.
    With my admiration