November 1, 2011

Maxim Lozovik - Dead People

Let's stay in a similar universe than previous post's. It fits my present mood. Maxim Lozovik is a Russian photographer who provides a rather tough imagery based on people not totally what in occident we consider as sane ones. It's strange how occidental photography seems fake or journalistic when they come to show such people when eastern's seems to represent people connected to the artists who take the pictures. I now can always tell if it's occidental or eastern at first glance. Here, the series is called Dead people for a quite obvious reason. Sure that French or American photographers would have added something conceptual to such a series when here only the strenght of the picture seems to interest the artist. I feel less and less occidental with age. Some of the images would make perfect illustrations for an Unsane LP cover sleeve. Lozovik's site here.

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