October 17, 2011

Ravens Laughter - "I hate everything I am" and more

Ravens Laughter (real name Lawrence Drayton) is an American photographer who sometimes offers some strong images such as the ones I selected from those I found on the net and specially on his deviatArt gallery (here) or Model Mayhem site (there). Too often, it's erotic imagery as usual and the experiments are not always very convincing. Moreover, it's difficult to find an idiosyncrasy behind the pictures but it deserves to be known I think. Some of these shots above are really breathtaking, specially the last one.


  1. I never thought anyone considered my work erotic.

  2. His work is complex and visceral. Provocative.

  3. Sorry but for me most of your work can be called "erotic". Maybe you'd prefer "artistic nude" but young nude girls and women, most of the times with body shapes most men consider as "pin ups", even in situations or environment not classically used in classic erotism, can be classified as erotic. If you look at most of the images with nude bodies I post on this blog, you'll see that this can't actually be called erotic. Maybe porn, I don't mind. This was not intended to diminish the quality of your work but I assume this categorization.