October 21, 2011

Trine Søndergaard - Now that you are mine

Another great photographer, Trine Søndergaard, a lady from Denmark born in 1972. Here's a fantastic series about "prostitutes on their beat near the Copenhagen train station". There is a strength here I don't often find in the numerous similar projects. Something that avoids the embarrassment I feel in much pictures of women (or men) doing this job. I don't have enough English vocabulary to describe what is really this embarrassement but I would say that pictures often seem to me to use prostitutes (even when they are taken by women) as do their clients. Not here. It's raw life, it's our possible destiny if things had turned different. I feel that these women may feel to be respected here. In Denmark, prostitution is legal whereas in Sweden and Norway many say here (I mean in France) that it's illegal but actually only clients are doing the crime and punished, not the prostitutes. In France, there have been a debate about it but the situation is the worst since it's legal but soliciting is forbidden, a perfect manner to give right to any arbitrary behavior from police. Clients for their part do not encounter any problem (in France, machism is a national treasure). But these pictures question much more than these legal points and reach human condition to it's highest level. I honestly think these women are the only true descendants of the ancient saints. Her site here.

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