November 5, 2011

Andrew V Pashis - Baba Fiva’s Cellar and more

This Russian photographer is another great one. Difficult to summarize his universe. Actually he has not only one. His constant preoccupation seems to insert nudity in reality, often trivial one, and confronting body types not only defined by their shapes but also by their social origin. It's maybe the first Bourdieu's photographer I found. Moreover these pictures don't seem to be here as testimonies of a supposed exterior eye (our eye), but to come from the people who are photographed. And it's a crucial difference for me. I really dislike the reporter/journalist approach of photography. And I'm always bothered when naked bodies are not shown with any erotism power in realism photography, as if erotism was limited to models living in upper classes. Here only a partial aspect of Pashis work (I don't like this word "work", in French we say "oeuvre" and it's a much better term). The one that reminds me the great Russian movies of the seventies and the eighties (Pavel Lounguine or Aleksei Guerman). I'll post more until he'll be one of your fave photographer too. A site here.


  1. Thank you DK. I see your blog everyday!

  2. Oh thx Lorenzo. You're one of the first and most supportive visitor of this blog and I really appreciate that for sure.