November 23, 2011

Barefootliam - Nudes and angst

His name is Liam Quin, his pseudo Barefootliam, he's Canadian, aged 48 and he does a lot of various-style pictures, but here's a series of self-portraits depicting isolation, abandon, self-humiliation, constraint, cold, loss of freedom, a thrilling series with a modesty of effects that shows the strenght of photography to provide metaphysical visual equivalent of inner despaired feelings when in the hands of someone knowing his subject. His deviantArt here. I'm not sure he will be OK that I post these pictures, but I refuse to ask for permission since I'm no more a kid (and it was long ago). So, if he asks, I'll remove them but I think he'll be wrong cos' this work warrants to be shown next to official and recognized artists.

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