November 1, 2011

Julien Coquentin - Retour au pays

His name is Julien Coquentin, but his artist pseudo is bwiti. He's born French but lives in Montreal and seems to travel quite a lot. I discovered his work very recently and I've been deeply touched by his universe. All his pictures are associated with a text he seems to write. Since these texts are in French, they also touch me more intimately than if they were in English. I feel really in inner vibration with his vision of the world. Sort of ghostly impression of everything, humans and landscapes, but not indifference nor distance. More a sensation to drown in a sea of serene desolation. Here's only a very narrow aspect of his work, posted only because in France (and all Christianity), today is supposedly devoted to celebrate the saints whereas most people go in cemetaries to flourish the graves of their defuncts since the day of the deads (yesterday) is not legal holiday (do you say bank holiday in English, rather funny considering the present economic situation). I'll post much more from this photographer that would deserve to have expositions of his own. His deviantArt gallery here and his site there.


  1. Hi, I found my way onto your blog while looking for Franz Fiedler's works and I just want to say that your selection of photography and artists is really amazing, I will surely come back here to spend some hours looking at these beautifull/haunting works. Best luck to you and never stop posting! :)

  2. Thx for the nice appreciation. I finally see this blog having it's own logical timeline and becomes more and more idiosyncrasic.
    Your comments give me the strenght to go on when sometimes I feel all this is useless and childish.