November 30, 2011

Justin Critch - Various

I'm not always fond of photomanipulation and most of the time I don't consider it interesting enough (even when there is a real technical virtuosity) to be published here, but some from this Canadian photographer called Justin Critch (but in deviantArt under the name of Scary Jesus are real visual shocks and overcomes the artificiality of their production. Among them, some have not been very manipulated and they are the strongest. This should be an indication for this artist that he doesn't need to load his images with too much effects. My faves above. His site here.


  1. I really like your website. Sometimes I look through it for hours.

    I put this in the wrong area, but I just wanted to say this is a cool place.

  2. Thx so much. It's always a real consolation to read such comments and that's a motivation stimulator. I'll try to keep the quality level.