November 16, 2011

Laurel Nakadate - Lucky tiger

Born in Austin, Texas, 36 years ago, this artist is most known as a videast, and in particular for her series in which she goes in middle-aged lonely men's home (if she wants to visit my home, it's OK although I'm rather far from New York where she lives now) to dance with them, do some posing for them, and share a moment. There is underneath a sexual content but not shown and not practiced. It's disturbing and moving at once. Here I post a series done in 2008 and called Lucky tiger in which she takes the usual sexy postures that you can see in cheap erotic and pornographic films or videos (actually, she seems to imitate the young models that Max Hardcore was shaging roughly in his videos before being thrown in jail by an American trial). For the symbolism, here what I found "Lucky Tiger” is a series of seven unique, 4-by-6-inch color photographs of the limber artist in cheesecake poses, the prints smudged with the fingerprints of anonymous men Nakadate contacted through Craigslist. She met with them, inked their fingers and distributed the photos for their examination. In allowing evidence of their handling of the prints to be exhibited, they implicate themselves in a physical act of scrutiny.” Except that there are more than 7, it makes sense for me. Moreover the pictures are stunning and provide much more than a picture intending only to make you wank on (I wouldn't imagine doing it on these pictures for example and this difference is troubling). Here's a site.

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