November 28, 2011

Lucas Samaras - Various works

About Lucas Samaras, born in Greece in 1936 and living in New York since childhood, Wikipedia says "The primary subject of his photographic work is his own self-image, generally distorted and mutilated". Nothing to add. Except there is something of Molinier in his obsession with his image. Sure I would have had the same monomaniac one if I had go on photographing in my twenties. But I didn't, and he did, and he's now a well-known artist and I'm nobody. That's life and there's nothing wrong with that. Most of his well-known pictures, some being posted above, have been shot between 1973 and 1976. But there's more recent, in particular the one with him younger in the background. If I chose to post his work tonight, it's because this tored apart feeling is exactly the one I have and this is a nice visual equivalent. Here where to see his work worldwide.

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