November 12, 2011

Stan Lieberman - Naked stuff

He defines himself as an hobbyist and not as an artist. A welcome humility although I find that many so-called artists don't provide a so good work to contemplate. Here we are in the domain of nude female body variations and the semantic content is rather poor but sometimes it's good only to admire skin, flesh and curves and not being in search of an hidden message. What I like the most in Lieberman's approach of female nudity is his wide "palette" of body shapes, showing how there is no reason to limit beauty to a narrow-eye format. But I also like his post-production work, sometimes a little vain and kitsch in trying to simulate old masters painting but after all, it adds something and is not only re-recreation as it is often the case. Not far from what is doing Andrea Simoncini Gibson (see here). And I'd like he would put more men in his pictures. The second one in the posted series above is really stunning. You can find a tumblr site here.

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