November 18, 2011

Various - Female desire

Male desire is not only invasive in the world of photography but seems to be the only desire existing between males and females. A human of the future could believe that women had no sexual desire for male bodies if they made their judgement on the photographic production of the last century. This little series, by unknown photographers (I took them on tumblr blogs over the last 6 months, but tumblr doesn't seem to cultivate the authors citations, strange that bloggers don't have the problem we have on blogs like this one, authors seem to only attack the ones weak enough to obey their orders, and let the other ones publish freely their work, rather "tartuffe" actually) shows a very refreshing vision of female desire and even if they don't have all a strong artistic quality (but this is not the only criterion for me, to consider them interesting to post on this blog) I hope they could be a paradigm for future representation of sexual female lust. I like to be desired this way.

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