December 1, 2011

Andrew V Pashis - Home is where love is

Being ejected from my flat in 6 months, I measure the importance to have a place to be, and if this place is not a lonely one, it's still better. An opportunity to post a new series from this fantastic Russian photographer from whom I had previously posted some B&W pictures. This selection is still stronger and I got more in stock that I'll post in further weeks. His site is here. I hope he got the recognition he deserves in Russia. His view on popular domestic life is rather crude for a politically correct thinking occidental, but I don't see so much life in occidental photography, even in the best ones, than in these ones. Once again, this damned need we have to do art, to determine a style rather than to catch the truth of the moment. Here the poetry of the body is not produced by an artistic strategy but by the accuracy of the eye.

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