December 3, 2011

Friedrich Seidenstücker - Some colour nudes

Friedrich Seidenstücker is a well-known photographer in Berlin, where he's a local reference but he should deserve to be more notorious all over the world. Born in 1882 and deceased in 1966, he accompanied the various happy (his natural "penchant" it seems) and tragic changes of this town. But here are some late colour shots of nude models in sometimes strange scenography. Rather lightweight semantically but we all need some lightness (both acceptions of the term) in this ô so heavy world. There is presently an exhibition on him in Berlin (here) and I would be glad to see it if I could go to Berlin. If you're there before next February, don't miss it.

1 comment:

  1. See the colors and the faces of these photos and say: "Berlin".