December 6, 2011

George Pitts - Black & white erotics

George Pitts is one of my favorite erotic photographer. Maybe my favorite. You can regularly see his new shots here. Why such a scoptophilian admiration for his work? Why do I find that erotism reaches here a summon in my representation of the sensual feeling raising in the deepest of my mind? Because in front of his camera, women bodies are incredibly real and their natural texture, shapes and carnal truth are respected and presented in all their seductive power. It's the perfect antidote to the male-looking bodies of the fashion models and the irreal photoshoped fake bodies of mainstream erotic or porno-chic universe. Last, these B&W pictures have a Fellini's flavour (the 8 1/2 and Dolce Vita's one) that still enhances their sensuality.

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