December 23, 2011

Lejaren Hiller - Bypaths in Arcady

More famous for his illustrating work than for his photographies, Lejaren Hiller (the father of the music composer with the same name) lived between 1880 and 1969 in the USA and shot in 1915 a series of pictures illustrating a book of love song called Bypaths in Arcady. These are mythological scenes that seem strangely modern. Maybe because of the very profound dark surrounding the characters, of the body shapes of the female models, and also of their unusual laid-back attitudes. Nothing hieratic here, as it was too often the case in the first part of the XXth century. There's something of the best popular scenes of Dutch painting or of some Caravaggio scenes, but also of German expressionism. One of the most fascinating series of this period. More on this book here.

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