December 17, 2011

Neil Craver - OmniPhantasmic

When it comes to underwater pictures, don't look elsewhere, you won't find better than Neil Craver. For me this artist is simply the master, the Poseidon of nude ghostly naiads swimming in muddy waters full of decomposed leaves and trees from the forest. For him, these images have a strong psychic meaning, that we could call Freudian if Freud hadn't stolen it (consciously or not) to Arthur Schopenhauer. This underwater element is the unconscious that gives birth to our thoughts and actions, a way to mix the will and representation or, more modernly, the limbic and the cognitive systems. But this would be uninteresting if the images created were not so fascinating, beautiful, moving, suggestive, erotic but also morbid and filled with a sense of putrefaction's destiny. But stop with all this blabla badly written, go to see more on Neil Craver's site here. You won't see anything like this elsewhere.

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