December 5, 2011

Mark Hermitte - Capitalism

One of the strongest image of capitalism ever realized. Found it on a tumblr blog and I didn't know who was the artist responsible for this vision but superdahu (his blog here) told me it was a Swiss artist called Mark Hermitte. An interview (in French) with him here. He's well known in the special effects world but here he provided a paradigmatic image of capitalism that would deserve to be kept in mind. I don't feel to post anything with it cos' all else seems poor in comparison.


  1. I LOVE IT. Because, this dark side of capitalism is an economical dynamic that is largely pervasive and diffused NOT only in financial relationship, but also in EVERY TYPE of unfair relationship: emotional, sociological, psychological, professionnal, familial, affective. Economy, in its more abstract concepts, is applicable to each human behaviour. Capitalistic relationship are at each level of human relationship. Money is just the most simple aspect to understand.

  2. I totally agree. More images that strong and semantically rich should be to create.
    Thx for the comment

  3. Thanx to all the capitalism bigots not to spam this post with their bullshit comment (sometimes even racists). They'll be deleted as soon as posted. dk