December 22, 2011

Various - Femen

This morning I read that (this from English-speaking source). I had a series of pictures about women protestations, often using their bodies and the scandal opportunity they represent in these prudished societies we are in, that I waited to post soon, but these scumbags from the local authorities make me post them tonight. Among them, there were several pictures from Femen of course, this Ukranian femal activist group making topless manifestations their trademark. Strange for us, occidentals, more used to a certain kind of female feminist attitude and look, to see these young women that look quite disturbingly to these porno models largely broadcasted all over the networld, being in this situation. The proof we are strongly infested by all-made stereotypes. Sometimes I'm afraid that one day we discover that all this was a manipulation of some greedy mafia chiefs using these girls for an inovative promo campaign but I'm too much suspicious. So, I'll stuck to an admirative hommage to them. They will be remembered as the seeds of the freedom we hope the world will one day adopt as the only way. They make revolution and protestation at least look compatible with pleasure, joy and sex. A good news. Above some manifestations against DSK, Berlusconi, prostitution at the Football Euro, non representation of women in politics, austerity stable plan and some more. Soon more to come for sure. Hope the 3 women brutalized won't be too much shocked and that the bastards who did them that will have to eat their shit in front of justice.

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