December 21, 2011

Various - Thirties pornography

A selection of rather hardcore sex pictures from the roaring thirties. Surely not taken for artistic purposes but now they provide more emotion and tenderness feelings that any real sexual excitation. Nice to see that all these "perversions" that many say created by our unsane times were then currently adopted in sexuality. A century of bigotery was not far to eradicate them from our pleasure rainbow. But they failed. They can go to hell. We do them and are proud of it. These perversions are one of the greatest gift we can leave to our children. That's the only pleasure they're sure to be able to practice without any corporate or mafia greed. Except through pornography.


  1. Hey really awesome pictures. I am very curious for download it because all pictures are very old and they captured in 1930. I wish that you will give me permissions for download this picture and i will share on my desktop wallpaper.

  2. You can. I have no right on any of these pictures.