January 31, 2012

Andry A Tych - Black & white women portraits

Some more by the talented Andry A Tych (the previous series was entitled "Carnation", see here). Rarely I saw pictures celebrating more wonderfully woman's body beauty. Far from recycling the same "cooking" technique, he provides a variety of light and texture treatments to his pictures that adds a lot to the success of the image. His choice of body shapes, his way to encourage natural poses, all this makes of Andry A Tych one of my favorite "female nude" artist (with George Pitts). The link to his site is no more functional, don't know why. It's annoying since here I'm not using others work for own benefit (this blog does not make my win any money) but to draw attention of potential money supporters on artists I like or love. Hope I'll find another site soon.


  1. his new site http://www.andrytych.com/?id=2233
    look how good color pictures.