January 12, 2012

Andry A Tych - Carnation

At a time everyone talks about the photoshop invasion, smoothing every skin and removing every detail, it's a delight to see the wonderful work on carnation of this Russian artist, sharing with many of his national colleagues this sense of visual freedom that we have completely lost in the dying occident, plagued by this artistic conceptual bullshit and the obsession to put words and semantics everywhere instead of producing something of interest. The worst is that I'm one of them and I vomit this degenerative trend. I can't imagine any so-called lover of female bodies doing erotic or artistic nude picture in Europe or America, showing such a valorizing image of woman. Not a single missed picture in his work. Rare enough to be noticed. The paper effect on some pictures give to them a little oldies character that I find quite enjoyable. The name of the series is mine. His site here.

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