January 1, 2012

Aneta Bartos - Boys

Aneta Bartos was born in Poland, went in the USA at 16, and she's now a respected photographer at 33. The classic American dream (we fail to allow this in this old decadent and putrid Europe). Her last series, called "Boys" (each picture features a different man), is really stunning and shows that more and more, sexualized male body becomes an aesthetic subject in art, not only for gays, but also for women, and more than that, for everybody (I'm neither gay or female and I find these guys with their dick in hand rather attrative, even if the general atmosphere is quite bleak and provides a desperate vision of desire). Impossible not to think to Antoine d'Agatta in watching these images, but there's no here the repulsive dimension of the universe of the French artist. Impossible too not to think to Francis Bacon. Strange that Francis Bacon had so many artistic children, in painting or in photography, when he was so singular and idiosyncrasic when he lived. Posterity is always unexpected. In brief, it was difficult to better begin this year than with this fascinating series. Her site here, some on this series there.

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