January 27, 2012

CY Corre - Masks & some more

CY Corre is a French photographer who always proposes original projects (I'll post 2 more later) and who deserves to be considered as a true contempory talent. Here's a series that I find reminiscent of the great Leslie Krims, at least in its concept, but that is totally different in the realisation. A way to play with present and past sub-culture iconography and nude female bodies, two of the principal obsessions of modern males. One of his most ambition project was the "2010 one image - one day" (here) from which some of these masked ones were driven. I encourage you to consult his various blogs and to support him the best you can. He's the same generation as I am, and I think his work is stunning as a much younger artist. A consolation for me.

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