January 7, 2012

Navid Sanati - Mess inside

One of the greatest mystery of this blog is that sometimes I find exactly the series of pictures tha translate in posts my inner feelings (most of the times anger, anguish or despair I must admit, I'd liked if it was different but after half a century in this inner mess, I must reasonably think that it'll be the case till the day of my death). Tonight, my mouse led me to the deviantArt gallery of this Iran artist called Navid Sanati, a young man (21) who offers me a perfect iconography for my tonight's tormented mind, before taking what's necessary to ease the pain and find some sleep. I didn't touch the contrasts of the pictures as I often do since I think they must be respected with their imperfections and obscurity and not be transformed in artistic objects. Below a little film (5 min) that is a perfect complementary imagery of above pictures. As said Pessoa "I envy the world not to be me". His site here, his deviantArt gallery there. The title of this series is mine.

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