January 25, 2012

Serge Gainsbourg - Jane Birkin

This series, shot by Serge Gainsbourg with (and for) his muse of the times, Jane Birkin, is really the precursor of the erotic imagery of this new century and has been imitated (but never topped) rather often. It is also one of my most intense scoptophilian experience. For the first time in my (young life), it was as if sex was really raising from the pictures and that having sex with the model (Jane Birkin) was a realistic mental adventure. Never a fixed image was more evocative of moving sexuality than here. The scenography may seem rather common today, but in 1974 (the series was published in the erotic mag called Lui), it was really new and disturbing for many. Usually, erotism was associated with luxury and bourgeoisie interiors, often kitsch, not with such bleak places. Dirty and sex were at least reunited, and it was a good thing. Strangely, we had to wait 30 more years to see this irrigating universally people's imagery. I've never been fond of Gainsbourg, but he had some moments of genius, in music and in photography, and this was one of them. Thanks to this blogger here, to have scanned these pictures in a good quality. Click on them to see them full size.

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