January 28, 2012

Shlomi Nissim - Little Red Riding Hood

After the rewriting of the epilogues of some of the most notorious fairytales (here), here's another one, focused on Little Red Riding Hood and its underlying sexual semantics. Only 3 pictures but what a series. Shot by an Israelian photographer born in 1972 and rather obsessed by nature in quite an idyllic way, here he provides a fantastic imagery of this so famous fairytale. The first one is surely familiar to many of you but tonight, this kind of Rousseauist approach of the world consolates me. Rare but it happens. No more the vision of the wolf as a predator (for digestive or sexual reasons), but a parousia-influenced imagery where the young girl seems to find in the wolf a tender companion. An antibigotery view of wildlife. The site of Shlomi Nissim here.

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