January 19, 2012

Thomas Czarnecki - From enchantment to down

Thomas Czarnecki is a young French photographer whose styles are diverse (his site here) and who take specially care of the quality of the light. Here, he revisits various fairy female heroes (from up to down: Little Riding Hood, Snow White, Alice, Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, the Beauty (without the Beast), Jasmine One, Pocahontas) and shows them killed, leading to its most dramatic end the initial story. It's transgressive and iconoclast without being grand-guignol. In other words, it deserves to be here, next to all the great photographers I don't stop to discover day after day. Hope not to end so dramatically but after all, being killed is rather better than dying sick and ill. Absolute obligation to click on pix to see them as they deserve i.e., full size.

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