January 22, 2012

Various - Public nudity

The confrontation of nudity and public places is always disturbing. It's like if the nude model had been added to another image. Of course, the fact that passengers are looking to her/him (most of the time it's her, I must admit), confirm that the model was actually there but this apparition of our natural looking amongst our social dressing doesn't miss to fascinate. And the sensuality of female bodies (at least for me, who is sensible to this sensuality more than to men's one) seems potentiated by this outdoor exhibition. There's also something of the affirmation of freedom, a transgression of the first barrier, prudishness. It seems less difficult to do it in East Europe (notably Hungary) or in Japan than in most countries. Here some shots I gathered in the last years and that I find the most pleasant to see. Some from known artists, some by unknown amateurs. All are fine.

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