January 14, 2012

Vlad Eftenie - Morning

Vlad Eftenie is a photographer and an architect from Romania. If you see him in Paris Mr Guegan (our xenophobic minister of police) please let him stay cos' he provides quite a flattering imagery of this city (see here). I would be much more severe than him. The privilege not to live somewhere (I've the same embellished vision of London for example, surely because I don't live there). But here, I selected, in his galleries, some cliches taken between 2000 and 2011 and consisting in the sensual and gloomy atmosphere of some grey mornings. I don't deny that the fact models are female doesn't make them more or less erotic pictures (and it's true Scoptophilia is more and more erotic-inclined lately, but politics or blasphemy are not in the centre of my present interests). Not realistic, but not totally symbolic, Vlad Eftenie is in an inbetween that makes his pictures really singular (and the light is great). Something of the atmosphere of the Bergman's or Dreyer's films (or the French Robert Bresson and Alain Cavalier). Except the first one, very dynamic and my fave. If you want to see more, his deviantArt gallery here and his site there.

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