February 29, 2012

Vadim Dimov - Various

This Russian photographer from Moskow, is of course very influenced by Jan Saudek (but so many are), although he provides a personal universe typically in line with the contempory figurative photography in Eastern countries that I appreciate so much, mixing nudity of male and female models with a large variety of body shapes, an exuberant and joyous atmosphere, transgressive metaphors, crudity of situations, richness and often enigmatic symbolism (pighead, monkey masks), bleak places, all this making a fascinating human menagerie in which we would like to enter, us little nevrotic occidental products of centuries of normative and asexual education. One more artist to add to our photoscape in the more or less long time till we die. A site here.

February 28, 2012

Various - Skeleton-men are back again

A 4th series about the strange association of female flesh nudity and male skeletons. Women are statistically doomed to be widows so making love with skeletons should be a way to perpetuate love stories over death barrier. Unfortunately, male sex is not a bone, only organic caverns filling with blood when excitation open the vessels. Not very romantic but tonight I wonder if physiology is not the only romantism that survives to feelings.

February 27, 2012

Marco Vernaschi - Placebo

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Born in 1973 in Italy, living in Argentina, Marco Vernaschi is surely one the best photojournalist on the planet. He won the PGB best picture of the year in 2010, and his photoreporting on sacrificed children in Uganda is one of the strongest ever done in history (not for everyone eye but the reality after all). Recently, he decided, for his new project called Placebo, to walk away from traditional photojournalism and to propose a stunning work on intensity in humans and other animals. Often (but not always) in sexual contexts, these excitation acmes are blurred in a similar way that Antoine d'Agata's, but here there is not the quite bleak and morally problematic approach of the French artist. It's more a sort of Munch photo version of The scream that Vernaschi does here. Capturing this moment we are no more in control, we verse in another us, a physiological one, only driven by a convergence of all our senses in a sort of epileptic discharge. Don't hesitate to explore this series (and others) on his site here. One of the most intense imagery you can see.

February 22, 2012

George Platt Lynes - Nude males

Born in 1907, dead in 1955, this American photographer, known at the times for his fashion and commercial work, pictured nude males in private. “The depth and commitment he had in photographing the male nude, from the start of his career to the end, was astonishing. There was absolutely no commercial impulse involved — he couldn’t exhibit it, he couldn’t publish it.” said Allen Ellenzweig, and art and photography critic. Sure the forties and fifties were not an appropriate period to show such an interest. But now, a load of wonderful pictures have remained and can be appreciated for what they are : an hommage to male body. I only post the pictures I found with enough quality and definition (and my faves too).

February 21, 2012

Julien M Leclerc - Various

Difficult to imagine, looking to these pictures, that their creator is only 16 years old (the last one is a self-portrait). Not difficult to imagine, difficult to believe. Such a maturity in the themas and the constructions of these images shows that age has nothing to do with art. Maybe he's at the peak of his talent after all. A sort of Rimbaud of the photography. Not that what he shows has never been done, but in the middle of the vast amount of so-called arty photographies, suddenly you know you see something that enters in your visual world and will stay in it. Although I'm in no way patriot or nationalist (I'm surely one of the most severe I know with my country), I feel proud than this young boy is french. Here, I selected my favorites. I don't like everything he did of course, and sometimes he's too kitsch and fashion for me (but he'll surely get a life with it very quick), but in the ones I chose, there's what I like in photography when the body or the atmosphere is the major focus. His site here.

February 20, 2012

Nesterkin Oleg - Allégories

Nesterkin Oleg is a very talented Ukrainian photographer but I would say he's more a stage director doing pictures of his scenographies, each one being a polysemantic allegory involving most of the violence (physiological, psychological, sociological, political or sexual) that modern human has to face in his/her existence, more or less according to the places (s)he lives and the periods of history. Each image could provide a long paragraph of analyse but I prefer not to try to provide my poorly English-written interpretation, and the important is to taste and integrate in our own private imagery the work of this visionary artist. Not sure one day he'll be not tempted to try some video works or even films. Meanwhile, you can see his work more widely (but with images of smaller size) here.