February 2, 2012

Elmer Batters - Nylon stocking fetichism

Elmer Batters was a nylon stocking fetichist, at least he did all his photo career on this topic. I'm not (I think I'm not a fetichist at all), but I admit that I love his pictures and I think the way he shows women is truly an hommage to their beauty, I mean "real women" beauty, not the artifactual plagiarists of little-girls-miming-adulthood or anorexic-feeling-sexy that is the common canon of female "beauty" of our times. And they have thei pubic hair, not a little-girl looking pubis. Looking at his pictures, you can smell the feet odour, touch the nylon texture and feel how suddenly the skin softness strokes our fingers. He's the true visionary in this domain and his imagery has aged better than most of the artistic work of most of his photo mates. Here I selected some of my fave models he shot (notably the first one, totally stunning). But there's plenty more on the net. Born in 1919, deceased in 1997, he'll stay one of the greatest erotic maker of the XXth century.

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