February 17, 2012

František Drtikol - Various

František Drtikol is without any doubt one of the greatest photographers of the XXth century, and sure his work will remain fascinating long in the present one. Czech, born in 1883, and providing most of his images between 1907 and 1935, he focused on woman body with aesthetic preoccupations influenced by cubism, surrealism and expressionism. But the sensuality of his models preclude making these pictures only historical testimonies of an artistic trend, and now it's finally their erotism that speaks to us. There's a lot of his work on the net but most of the time in poor definition and size. Here I gathered the ones I could find in decent quality and if many miss for making this post a "best of", there's still a load to admire. His transgressive approach of religion and death (the women on the cross, the skull sucking the breast) makes him as vivid today as it was 100 years ago.

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