February 21, 2012

Julien M Leclerc - Various

Difficult to imagine, looking to these pictures, that their creator is only 16 years old (the last one is a self-portrait). Not difficult to imagine, difficult to believe. Such a maturity in the themas and the constructions of these images shows that age has nothing to do with art. Maybe he's at the peak of his talent after all. A sort of Rimbaud of the photography. Not that what he shows has never been done, but in the middle of the vast amount of so-called arty photographies, suddenly you know you see something that enters in your visual world and will stay in it. Although I'm in no way patriot or nationalist (I'm surely one of the most severe I know with my country), I feel proud than this young boy is french. Here, I selected my favorites. I don't like everything he did of course, and sometimes he's too kitsch and fashion for me (but he'll surely get a life with it very quick), but in the ones I chose, there's what I like in photography when the body or the atmosphere is the major focus. His site here.

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