February 27, 2012

Marco Vernaschi - Placebo

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Born in 1973 in Italy, living in Argentina, Marco Vernaschi is surely one the best photojournalist on the planet. He won the PGB best picture of the year in 2010, and his photoreporting on sacrificed children in Uganda is one of the strongest ever done in history (not for everyone eye but the reality after all). Recently, he decided, for his new project called Placebo, to walk away from traditional photojournalism and to propose a stunning work on intensity in humans and other animals. Often (but not always) in sexual contexts, these excitation acmes are blurred in a similar way that Antoine d'Agata's, but here there is not the quite bleak and morally problematic approach of the French artist. It's more a sort of Munch photo version of The scream that Vernaschi does here. Capturing this moment we are no more in control, we verse in another us, a physiological one, only driven by a convergence of all our senses in a sort of epileptic discharge. Don't hesitate to explore this series (and others) on his site here. One of the most intense imagery you can see.

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  1. Marco Vernaschi is an amazing artist and a deep thinker. His troubled and provoking genius pushes the edge of photography beyond the limits of the comfort zone. His imagery is both a delicate punch in the stomach and a contemplative glimpse on our deepest fears.
    Great post!