February 16, 2012

Rosario Gallardo - Indoor and outdoor

Rosario Gallardo is not the husband of an exhibitionist lady but the lady helped to exhibit by her husband. They are Italians, from Milan, but seem to be quite often in Barcelona. Their work is marked by a sense of anarchist approach and the term pornoguerilla is without any ambiguity. There's a part of happenings in this work (see her orgasm via masturbation in a gallery of art here) but also a marital complicity (in a certain way the same than Catherine Millet and her husband except here there's not explicit sex action with other partners). I really love the impression of liberty, happy transgression, body freedom, ease with physiological functions such as peeing, jubilation to show the most hidden or aesthetically arranged intimate parts of our bodies. Yes, it's a kind of heaven to live this in a male-female (or female-female like Lexo) love story. And more than the artistic, anarchist and conjugal qualities, it has surely a social function to extricate people from their moral and sexless, guilt-irrigated approach of body. Her site here. An interview (in Italian) there. A blog there.

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