March 31, 2012

Various - Hate my body

Not to be satisfied with his/her own body is a rather usual feeling for the last 30 years.Thanks to the fashion makers and advertisement-masters. Sad that the wide variety of body shapes considered as beauty or attractive that we can find on the net didn't change this self-deprecating image in many minds. Here a selection of amateur pictures (amateur for the most of them but not all), illustrating this negative vision of oneself. Then, jump to the "Start a revolution, stop hating your body" series for consolation.

March 29, 2012

Ambrose and Wether - Unfulfilled desires

I don't know anything about this couple (at least I imagine they are one). Only that they try to create a fetichist and sadomasochist visual imagery with photographic technics of the 20's. And the result is fascinating. Sad they have to wear masks (but I understand that this may be a condition for many to create their universe without having to lend models, giving them a greater freedom), but the final series is really excellent and totally singular. You'll find details about the ancient technics they use on their site here. A couple to follow for sure.

March 27, 2012

Matt Blum - The NuProject

"The Nu Project is a series of nudes of normal people. The project was started by Minneapolis-based photographer Matt Blum in 2005. Matt has since continued to develop the project staying true to his original vision: no models, no makeup and no glamour." Here what we can read on his site welcome page (here). And it is exactly what is said. I had these pictures stored in my computer for a while now but I always found something more urgent to post. Tonight, the cheer simplicity of these women showing without any artifice what they are is a consolation. This simplicity is not common in France. Unfortunately. This projects lacks a strong underlying semantic and visual strenght but is still interesting and deserves to feature here between bleaker and darker series.

March 26, 2012

SingleChair - untitled

I don't know anything about the photographer (male I suppose but not sure) hiding behind this pseudo, only discovered his tumblr blog recently and know he went straight ahead in my little pantheon of my fave image makers of the moment. It's about savage sex, saliva, sperm, blood, scars, mud, self-vomiting, violence, auto-mutilation, submission, humiliation, pre-death lividity. About most of the things art is hiding behind concepts or provoc-arty stuff. He (or she) seems to become bleaker and bleaker with time and I wonder if the scenes will someday crosses the intolerable path. Here a selection of my fave pictures. If you want to see more, visit his/her blog here. An absolute must for those who, like me, believe the body is the next unknown landscapes to be conquered.