March 9, 2012

Annie Sprinkle - Public Cervix Announcement

I waited for an occasion to post these rare pictures (rare mainly because of their high-definition) of one of her Public Cervix Announcement show in 1990. Like an organic voodoo queen, she celebrates the female body in all its dimensions, excretions, internal landscapes, sexual gestures. Not sure that men in the audience really get the message but after all, what remains of this performance is its feminist semantic. This is what I meant by occasion, since today is the day that machists call the Woman Day and that is actually the International Working Women’s Day, created in 1909, and celebrating the fight of women for their rights that is now the fight for a real equality (since in many countries male and female rights are the same but female humans are still domestic, sexual and social slaves unaware of their condition) and against the brutality and aggression they have to face (and not only rape, but the vast rainbow of the colors of everyday life submissions). Annie is here to show the way and males should support this cause, their life would be after all much better in a real equal and non-normative world. The pictures were taken by the Efrain John Gonzalez. You can see the whole series here.


  1. Thank you for posting my photographs. It was a fantastic evening with annie sprinkle.

    But just remember my correct name is
    Efrain John Gonzalez

    1. Thx for the comment. I correct your name