March 18, 2012

Dany Peschl - Disturbation

Dany Peschl is a 34 yrs old photographer from Prague, and his series called "Disturbation" provides a really disturbing imagery (and I see a lot, you must imagine). Here some of his words about this project "I’ve retold in pictures several stories that shouldn’t had been never seen. Capturing people during various intimate situations in “caught in the act” way,most of it is mockumentary, reconstruction of true and false memories.The rest is authentic.There’s nothing in common with political views of mine". The situations are varied, from a sex party to a nazi-retro scene with milk, via a guy wiping his ass after shitting or a a girl ready to blow up sex doll with the mask of Justin Bieber. More on his site here. If one day, I'll do the mag about art & body I dream of, sure he'll have something in it.

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