March 25, 2012

Marc Blackie - Disappointed virginity

Marc Blackie is a young English photographer providing a great imagery about the way the female body is used as an object, sexual or not, even by her owners who act more and more as if it was a sort of mechanical prosthesis and not their own self. Or maybe they act on the opposite, more as if it was their own self, using it without the usual moral and religious deference we have been conditioned to follow. Strange the same imagery can lead to 2 opposite conclusions. However, he did a lot of pictures that you can find on his site here, in which I selected the ones I preferred. This photographer succeeds in proposing an erotic and exciting imagery asking questions about the fact to use female body to stimulate male excitation. Actually, these shots are rare examples of sexual content images that could have been done by a woman. A man to follow.

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